Climate action

As a major global responsible investor, business and employer we seek to generate positive and measurable impact to mitigate climate change.

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Climate action is critical for human progress. From alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, investing and engaging for change, to action on deforestation, we are committed to tackling the climate-related risks that threaten the future of the planet. As a responsible, active and long-term investor, we are well placed to play our part in financing the transition to a greener, more sustainable world. We believe the innovations, initiatives and policies outlined in this report will enable our clients and our people to make a meaningful contribution to this global endeavour.

Marco Morelli, Executive Chairman

Acting decisively on climate issues

Climate change is a risk to us all. At AXA IM, we are determined to tackle the impact of climate-related risks, and we have made a number of key commitments to support our ambitions.

We believe as a major global investor, business and employer, we have a role in generating positive and measurable progress for the global economy, the planet and the communities in which we live. As part of this, here, we share the innovations and practices that lie at the heart of our climate strategy.

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