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Beware the sirens’ call

The decision to put cash into markets this year depends on when investors think the interest rate cycle is properly priced.

Responsible investment

Climate change: How investors can help deliver a Just Transition

Climate change is well understood as a systemic risk, but there is less understanding of how the transition to a low-carbon economy might affect society A Just Transition would seek to leave no one b ...

Fixed income

Fixed income outlook: Is the market overly hawkish?

After the bond bear market of 2021, valuations look more attractive in an environment where interest rate rises may already be priced in.


H1 2022 Asia and China outlook - Media Briefing Highlights (with playback)

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) says that while inflation is currently the main theme and will remain so for the coming year, the underlying upward pressures have peaked in western economies and whe ...

Responsible investment

Carbon offsets: A necessary tool, but only under close scrutiny and precise conditions

If the world is going to limit global warming to +1.5°C from pre-industrial times, as set out in the Paris Agreement, global carbon emissions need to hit net zero by 2050. Every company will have a u ...

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Ouch and happy holidays

The central banks are coming.

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Follow the curves

This week the UK government announced measures that tip the country slightly back in the direction of lockdown in response to the threat posed by high existing levels of COVID-19 infections


Outlook 2022: The shifting electoral landscape

The political landscape remains fractious and 2022 will see several key elections take place, which could shift political direction.


Outlook 2022: Labour markets after the pandemic – the threat of persistent inflation

Labour market structures have shifted, supply-chain issues continue to persist and rising inflation continues to be a major concern.