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Most investors acknowledge that markets are at high valuations although there is active debate as to whether this is a sign of impending reversal. I think not.

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Old favourites

Some old favourite themes have been in focus this week as we took a breather from events in Washington.

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Roaring twenties

I hope you were able to stay safe and enjoy the holidays and I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2021.

Responsible investment

Factor investing and ESG: long-term strategies for a volatile world

Combining two increasingly popular investment themes, factor investing and ESG, within an equities strategy provides potential for sustained long-term outperformance relative to the market, writes Ra ...

Market thinking

Where can investors potentially seek income in today’s low yielding environment?

The coronavirus pandemic has created uncertainty no matter what your investment objective. But for income seekers, who had already been short-changed in terms of attractive bond yields, the near disa ...

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Risk premium repression

In 2021 the pandemic should be over, Trump will be gone and Brexit done. But one thing will still be with us and that is the overwhelming influence of monetary policy over financial markets

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Shaken or stirred, Mr Bond?

There are still lots of reasons not to be bearish on fixed income. However, the macro outlook does lend itself to the idea that somewhat higher yields would not be out of place.

Market thinking

What investors should expect in 2021: The key areas shaping markets

Most of us are understandably looking forward to seeing 2020 in the rear-view mirror.

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See the light

Stock markets reached record highs before the Thanksgiving holiday.