• Protect Yourself From Fraud

Protect Yourself From Fraud

Read our tips to help you keep your personal data safe


Clients and members of the public are often contacted through various methods for the purpose of obtaining personal information. These details will likely be used to defraud the individual. There are various methods through which you can be contacted, cold calls, email or post, this list is not exhaustive, and these methods of communication will evolve with time.

We are working hard to create awareness of the many different fraud types affecting unsuspecting victims and therefore highlight methods you can implement to protect yourself. AXA IM does not make unsolicited calls, WhatsApp messages, social media messages or emails to their clients or members of the general public.

Fraudulent Domain Names

Here is a list of fraudulent domain names unrelated to the AXA Investment Managers (this list may not be exhaustive, in case of doubt, please contact us or check the FCA's ScamSmart Tool)

  • agipopci.online
  • aim-connect.net
  • aml-axa.com
  • assur-axbeim.com
  • axabankeececservice@execs.com
  • axacoins.com
  • axa-fixedincome.com
  • axa-im.info
  • axa-imarket.com
  • axaimarketfx.com
  • axaim-freemarket.co
  • axaim-freemarket.com
  • axaim-gslimited.net
  • axa-gestion.com
  • axaimltd.com
  • axaim-tech.com
  • AxaInvestInc@protonmail.com
  • axa-investment.fr
  • axa-lifeurope.com
  • axanewenquiry.com
  • axa-newenquiry.com
  • axaonlineplatform.com
  • axa-partners.fr
  • axaservices.com
  • axatechview.com
  • axatechviewou.com
  • axa-techviewou.com
  • axatechviewou-ltd.com
  • a-investmentmanagers.com
  • bc-opportunityfund.com
  • client-axa.com
  • clientaxaservices.com
  • clientsaxa.com
  • clients-axa.com
  • clients-axa.net
  • clientservice-axa.com
  • connect-aim.com
  • doc-axa.com
  • docsaxaservices.com
  • document-axa.com
  • documents-axa.com
  • documents-axa.com
  • enquiries-axa.com
  • europarc-inv.com
  • europarc-invest.com
  • holding-beaujon.com
  • holding-vendome.fr
  • holdingvendome3.fr
  • https://assur-axbeim.com
  • https://monaccesaxa.com/login.php
  • imaxaltd.com
  • imaxaltd.net
  • imaxa-belgium.com
  • malingaxabelgium.com
  • onlineaxaportal.com
  • private-axa.com
  • private-axa.net
  • privateretail-axa.com
  • retailaxaservices.com
  • sustainableaxa.com
  • techviewou-axa.com




Foncière Cronos

A company using the fraudulent name of Foncière Cronos and claiming to be a subsidiary of AXA group and managed by employees of AXA Investment Managers, claims to offer financial services or investment solutions in particular in solar charging stations. This entity addresses the general public via various communication platforms.
This is a fraud as Foncière Cronos, managed by AXA IM is not open to general public.  This company should in no way be associated with or part of the AXA Group or AXA Investment Managers which does not offer this type of direct investment solution to investors.

Please find below a list of red flags to be mindful of when contacted by someone claiming to be from AXA IM

  • Fraudsters will often use an Incorrect AXA company name;

  • A legitimate FCA registration number;

  • Email addresses / domains used will be a variation of AXA IM’s genuine details;

  • Logos; and on occasion employee names to gain your trust.

  • ‘Verify your account’ requests – legitimate investment managers will never ask you to enter full account details, passwords or PINs outside of a secure process.

  • Bank accounts in offshore jurisdictions – legitimate investment managers will not provide you with bank account details in offshore jurisdictions and ask you to transfer funds to such accounts.

If you are in any doubt, please contact us.

What You Can Do

Some steps you can take to protect yourself and keep your personal data safe:

  • Protect your information - Do not send personal / confidential information via email, on the phone or over the internet unless you know the recipient and know the process is protected through encryption.

  • Emails – Delete all suspicious emails without opening them. Be particularly careful when opening attachments to emails.

  • Contact and verify – Confirm the company’s address and telephone number. Check the company’s website or through local regulatory authorities.

  • Regulatory registration – Contact the relevant local regulatory authority to confirm the company’s registration.

  • Shred old statements, receipts, letters and similar documents containing personal information which are no longer required

  • Lock financial documents and records in a safe place at home

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive. Investors should take all necessary precautions to avoid fraudulent activity, such as performing background checks on investment managers. We encourage any member of the public who receives any communication (telephone/email/mail) in relation to any fraudulent investment scheme to report them directly to the local regulatory authorities.

AXA Investment Managers is committed to safeguarding all confidential information about our clients.
For any further assistance please contact us.


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