Our Editorial Guidelines

The editorial guidelines page outlines the standards and policies which guide the production and maintenance of the AXA IM Investment Institute's written content.

Key principles and ethics:

Our content acts in accordance with the following principles:

Accuracy, concision and consistency      

We aim to ensure the AXA IM Investment Institute's written material is accurate, concise and consistent. When communicating with our clients and other audiences, we aim to ensure everything we say and write is clear, succinct and easy to understand, while maintaining a consistent style across different content formats.

A responsible investor and long-term steward

The AXA IM Investment Institute's written content reflects our leading role as a responsible investor and long-term steward of clients’ investments. It aims to highlight our latest thinking around sustainability and environmental, social and governance issues, as well as sharing insights on how we approach the way that we manage clients’ investments as a steward of their capital     

Articulating innovative, diverse, and expert ways of thinking

Our content is intended to articulate the breadth and diversity of our experts’ thinking, as they share insights on the broader investment landscape and the opportunities and challenges facing investors today and in the future. AXA IM's Investment Institute content is produced by a team of authors and experts with relevant experience and expertise in respective fields.

Adherence to community guidelines and regulatory requirements

This means supporting and complying with relevant regulations and guidelines, ensuring we adhere to best practice in research and writing. Regulations may vary based on the geographic location or research community. All authors and experts are required to follow the editorial guidelines when creating content. 

Our editorial process:

All written material produced by AXA IM reflects the work of authors and experts with relevant experience and expertise – and who adhere to the editorial guidelines, as well as AXA IM’s key principles and ethics. Read our ‘Meet the Authors’ page to find out more.

Content produced by AXA IM for our Investment Institute follows a tried and tested editorial process, including various stages of review, incorporating fact checking and editing.

Responsibility for the material and its overall approval is clearly apportioned to individuals with appropriate levels of authority, experience and expertise. Content produced by AXA IM for the Investment Institute is reviewed to ensure it meets a rigorous compliance standard before publication.    

Quality standards

The standards AXA IM strives to achieve in our content. Written material aims to be:
  • Clear, concise and accurate: We strive to ensure that information is communicated in a way that is fair, clear,  accurate and not misleading. To ensure concision, we refrain as much as possible from using too many technical terms or too much industry jargon which may confuse or mislead clients and broader audiences.
  • Transparent: We intend to maintain transparency in references to our products and services. We provide our clients and broader audiences with access to comprehensive information about our products and services. Client communications aim to be balanced, and the potential risks of an investment are presented as well as the potential rewards.
  • Timely, relevant and up to date: Written content is monitored to ensure it is compliant with relevant regulations as well as the editorial policy and guidelines. Material is also reviewed and updated where appropriate to ensure it is timely and relevant and continues to reflect best practice.
  • Responsible: We aim to promote social responsibility and responsible investing in our communications and avoid encouraging any unethical or unsustainable forms of behaviour. Our communications and messaging seek to align with our values and commitments to sustainability, diversity and inclusion – reflecting our leading role as a responsible investor and a long-term steward of clients’ investments.


We operate in various jurisdictions. AXA IM’s policies and procedures are designed to comply with all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements issued by regulators and other relevant bodies. Everyone involved in the production and maintenance of written content is therefore required to understand and abide by AXA IM’s Compliance Standards and Policies.

Concerns raised by any regulator, including the FCA’s Financial Promotions team, are taken seriously and dealt with as a matter of urgency. Compliance monitoring is carried out thematically around Financial Promotions & Customer Literature controls.


Meet our experts

Find out more about the authors and experts who create and contribute to AXA IM’s articles and insights.

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