Our approach and offering

At AXA Investment Managers we maintain a two-tiered approach to RI and impact investing.

At AXA IM, we integrate sustainability risks within the research and investment process for all assets. Our approach to sustainability risks is derived from the deep integration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into that process. Our framework relies notably on:

Sectorial and normative exclusions policies

These aim to systematically address the most severe sustainability risks into the investment decision-making process.

Check our exclusion policies out


Proprietary ESG scoring methodologies

The use of ESG scores in the investment process enables us to focus on assets with an overall better ESG performance and therefore likely lower sustainability risks.

Read more about our ESG scoring methodologies



We seek to protect client investments by raising issues of concern that may have a material impact on investor value over the longer term. Our dialogue with companies and Sovereigns aims to reduce investment risk, enhance returns and drive positive impacts for society and the environment.

This framework pushes us to consider how sustainability impacts on the development, performance or position of a company, and how it might have tangible effects on financial value in a broad sense (financial materiality). It also helps us to assess the external impacts of an asset’s activities on ESG factors (ESG materiality).

We aim to leverage this framework to deliver sustainable long-term outcomes for our clients through a comprehensive range of strategies which have a stronger focus on sustainability. We split our offering into two parts.

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